Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lazy days...NOT!

I haven't posted anything new in a while, but here is a somewhat recent picture. They are the joys of our lives. We just adore them.


  1. So cute! I'm so glad you posted a picture. I come on here every so often to see if there is an update. Aren't girls so much fun?! Just not so fun when they cry alot! I'm in much need of a cut Melanie. Wish I lived closer b/c I don't know when I'll be out again. Miss you!

  2. Hooray for new pics! We have been walking past your house lately when we go out exercising and wish you lived there! Maybe again one day :) The kiddos are sure getting big! It was good to see you when you came through!

  3. cute, cute, cute. What a pair they are Mel.