Saturday, September 5, 2009

We Will Play While Daddy's Away

The last few weeks have been crazy. Shane has been studying for his life license and DID pass the exam. He's official now and we are so proud of him. Our renters moved out at the end of August and he flew up to take care of some things. We were really unhappy with the condition of the house when the family left.

This was our first house, we picked out everything that we wanted and made it our own. Then reality sinks in, people will most likely not take care of it the way we would. For instance, the toilet in Blake's bathroom had been turned off because it wasn't working properly. A visit from the plumber, and WALA! There is a toy stuck in it. Nice. I'm feeling a little less bitter every minute thanks to AMAZING friends and neighbors who have been so willing to help us out with our mess of a house.

The blessing. After posting it for rent online, it rented in less than 48 hours. What a relief. Anywho, while Daddy was away working hard, we had some fun doing things we like best. Like laughing, car shows, and most importantly (this time of season) watching the football. Go Trojans!

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