Monday, March 8, 2010

A small glimps at what we LOVE to do in our free time

We have been going through classic car show withdrawls since being in Utah. Almost every Friday night, on Garden Grove Main Street, we were cruising around checking out all the cool cars. Blake always had a new Hot Wheels in hand, we had full Del Taco bellies, but we always had room for some fresh kettle corn popcorn. Did I mention it was ALWAYS free? Saturday afternoon we headed to the South Town Expo Center for AUTORAMA, a traveling car show. Once we heard it advertised...we knew that's where we were going to be that day. Although NOT free, we still had some popcorn and Blake had his new Hot Wheels in hand. It was fun and it felt good to be around the oldies but goodies again. Thanks Minna for tagging along with us! Hope both of our dreams come true and then we can be traveling around the country showing our cars/babies to everyone else. Let's hear it for the grease monkeys!

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  1. I really need to check your blog more often. What an eventful few months you guys have had... it must be so nice to be back in your own home, it looks great!